LotR & The Hobbit X Reader - Thorin x Reader: They won't dare Shared by Find images and videos about the hobbit and orlando bloom on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. ... "No living man am I! Éowyn I am, Éomund's daughter. Begone if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead. Love you, Eowyn! Such an inspiring role model.

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Thorin's distrust of wizards did not stem from Gandalf's meddling, although he'd been witness to it many times. When Thorin had been a young dwarrow, before the fall of Erebor, he'd been bewitched by a dark sorceress who'd wanted to gain power over the dwarven kingdom.Just try to be careful (Thorin Oakenshield X Pregnant!Reader) [Part 2 of "Not Careful Enough"] Based of This imagine from ImaginexHobbit The first part is here: LINK Requested by several anon’s; so... Aug 31, 2016 · Thranduil x [Elf] Reader ~ Scars You were a maid in Mirkwood Palace, a private maid of the king, well, but it was thousand years ago. From that time you became a Commander and king had grown very found of you. Well... he never really said anything or did anything that would make you think he's interested in you... well okay, he did. Free carfax alternative

If that were the case, then Balin and Dwalin should look much younger in the flashbacks. Balin was seven when Smaug attacked Erebor. At the Battle of Azanulbizar, he was thirty-six, while Dwalin was a sprightly twenty-seven and Thorin was fifty-three.. For comparison, at the time of The Hobbit, Thorin is one hundred ninety-five, Fili is eighty-two and Kili is seventy-seven.Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader ; Thorin Oakenshield X Reader ; Bucky X Reader X Thorin ; Marvel X Reader X Hobbit (A/N) Finally I am able to get a new part out, this one is on the short side but i still hope you enjoy it. ~~~~~ Chapter - 11. The sound of someone chopping wood rouses me from my sleep.

The reader falls into middle earth and on to Thorin Oakenshield. Only to be mistaken for a man instead of a woman, and she is not thrilled, Bilbo is the only one in the group who realizes it and doesn't tell anyone, Thorin is not pleased when he finds out. Thorin Oakenshield X Fem!Reader (y/n) (l/n) lived a normal life, in a world much like our own 'modern world'. But then she was inexplicably thrust into Middle-Earth, and land much different from her own.Between Worlds (Thorin Oakenshield x Human!Reader) Between Worlds (Thorin Oakenshield x Human!Reader) A/N: Hi guys! So, this is a request of @deepestfirefun ! I hope that you will like it and sorry...

Chevron buying swnLow time cargo pilot jobsThe Girl Who Knew The End {11} Thorin Oakenshield X Fem!Reader Those of Laketown"Chapter Ten // His Name Was Khalin Chapter Eleven // (You're Here!) Chapter Twelve // The Door for Erebor A/N: Don't...Thorin x reader: Cinderella Story: part 4, final part. ... Forgiven or not, Cinderella's stepmother and her daughter would soon leave with ella's father, and never set foot in Erebor again. After the ceremony, Ella and thorin went to the portrait room that lead to a balcony where they could greet the people. 'They would've loved each ...Thorin wrapped his large, calloused hand around your daughter’s miniature one, “She takes after her mother,” he told you, looking into your eyes affectionately. You were about to speak when you heard the battle begin to quiet down. Thorin quickly ran over to the gate and peered over it. He turned back to look at the company, panicked.

Request: "Thorin x reader (what can I say, I love the dwarf ) she is the new queen of Erebor, loved by everyone and adored because her unique look (very long white silver hair and golden eyes), she is in fact one of the few guardians of Middle-Earth. She has becan to receive gifts and flowers from a unknown admirer.For @theartofeheheh ~~~~~ This is it. You take a deep breath and start walking towards the gate. You had just said goodbye to your family and you are ready to start your new life as a member in Lord Elrond's staff.

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Anonymous asked: What about a fili x reader where she is a human raised by Azog and he gave her the task to kill the durins but when she and fili met they fell in love, then thorin finds out she was raised by orcs and told fili he should stay away from her so he got forced by thorin to leave her even if she was pregnant and was gonna tell him.Oil painting brushes photoshop downloadRevenge gamer pve calculator
Thorin’s Bride: Thorin is in love with the reader, a human. He is set to marry another woman, until he calls it off … during the ceremony … and walks off. True Love’s Kiss - Request: Thorin x Reader involving true love’s kiss. After the battle against Azog, Fili and Kili survive but Thorin doesn’t. Pairing: Thorin x Reader. Word count: 659 ... "Come, my daughter,' Thranduil said fondly to you when you approached him. Once you were safe, the archers lowered their bows. Thranduil outstretched his arm towards you as you neared his elk and he helped you up onto it with him. You sat in front of your father, and you felt his hand sneak past ...